mellow melody

歌手 Ceui 
作詞 畑亜貴 
作曲 小高光太郎 
編曲 小高光太郎 
カテゴリ アニメ sola ED 1
読みめろう めろでぃ
閲覧数合計:15139 今月:140



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Ceui - Mellow Melody [with lyrics] (Sola Ending Theme)Ceui - Mellow Melody [with lyrics] (Sola Ending Theme)
Song: Mellow Melody Singer: Ceui Anime: Sola Lyrics: Japanese and Romaji.
Mellow MelodyMellow Melody
I love this song, and the pictures are fitting. If I get permission from a certain someone I know, I will make another video to this song. None of the images are ...
Ceui - Mellow Melody (Live at Comic Fiesta 2011)Ceui - Mellow Melody (Live at Comic Fiesta 2011)
Ceui performing Mellow Melody at Comic Fiesta 2011. --- Shiro Ang: --- Equipment used: Canon 1D Mark IV Canon EF 135mm f/2 ...
[27] Mellow Melody - Sola[27] Mellow Melody - Sola
Mellow Melody from Sola. This a fairly unknow and overlooked anime. It's a kind of supernatural drama. I would recommend watching if you liked Air and the like.
sola ED (HD test) &fmt=22sola ED (HD test) &fmt=22

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