Take me to...

歌手 堂本光一 
作詞 白井裕紀  新美香 
作曲 堂本光一 
編曲 船山基紀 
閲覧数合計:1738 今月:6



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fanvid-hardsubbed: Take Me To... (Happy 31st Birthday to Doumoto Kouichi)fanvid-hardsubbed: Take Me To... (Happy 31st Birthday to Doumoto Kouichi)
堂本光一お誕生日おめでとう~ Happy Birthday to Doumoto Kouichi from KinKi Kids on 01.01.2010 Song: Take Me To... by Doumoto Kouichi from the Mirror album Disclaimer: The video...
Take me higher      KinKi KidsTake me higher KinKi Kids
[Fanvid] KinKi Kids - Take Me to Church (short)[Fanvid] KinKi Kids - Take Me to Church (short)
I own nothing. I only edit. I make no profit. Kinki Kids Domoto Koichi Domoto Tsuyoshi 堂本光一 堂本剛 キンキキッズ.
[Subbed Clip] KinKi Kids Relationship? (EngSub)[Subbed Clip] KinKi Kids Relationship? (EngSub)
[Watch in HD is better] I wonder what kind of relationship they have. Co-worker? Bestfriend? Sibling? Or... married-couple? Fufufufu~ (English Sub by me) KinKi Kids Domoto Koichi Domoto Tsuyoshi...
Love Me More  堂本光一 - JoeLove Me More 堂本光一 - Joe
Cover by Joe Twitter http://twitter.com/joe_2451 将来エンターテイメントという中で、お二人と仕事がしたいと思っています。 人生においてKinKiのお二人に...

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