歌手 小池徹平 
作詞 小池徹平 
作曲 小池徹平 
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小池徹平 - my brand new way小池徹平 - my brand new way
he is so kawaii!
情報ツウ 3 と~くツウ 小出恵介 速水もこみち 小池徹平情報ツウ 3 と~くツウ 小出恵介 速水もこみち 小池徹平
Teppei Koike, Mocomichi Hayami, and Keisuke Koide guest in a talk show as 3-D students in Gokusen Season 2. Disclaimer This video is not ours and is for viewing purposes only.
【歌唱披露】小池徹平が歌う! 三浦春馬が舞う! ミュージカル「キンキーブーツ」稽古場レポート【歌唱披露】小池徹平が歌う! 三浦春馬が舞う! ミュージカル「キンキーブーツ」稽古場レポート
Japanese Salaryman NEO 小池徹平 koike TeppeiJapanese Salaryman NEO 小池徹平 koike Teppei
Hi, everybody.( 0:00) I'm Koike Teppei(Chinese:我是小池徹平wǒ shì xiǎo chí chè píng) I'm very happy to come to Taiwan and have a meeting with my film lovers. Meeting with...
Daisuki na Shashin~Slideshow Teppei KoikeDaisuki na Shashin~Slideshow Teppei Koike
While looking through my expansive collection of Teppei photos, I was suddenly inspired to make another slideshow, but to only include the pictures that make me go all fangirly. One hour later,...

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