Metal Cool

歌手 Tama 
作詞 Tama 
作曲 Tama 
読みめたる くーる
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Tama - Metal Cool PV previewTama - Metal Cool PV preview
Preview of PV from 1nd single Metal Cool and 2nd album "Natural Born" from Tama. Masami Shiratama ex Porno Graffitti.
Tama Starclassic Soundcheck (Metal Drumming) (HD)Tama Starclassic Soundcheck (Metal Drumming) (HD)
Hi Youtube ! I didn't upload videos for a long time because I was changing all my drums and my equipment for recording. I had to do from the beginning the mix ...
TAMA METAL WORKS スネアドラム ピッコロ 14"x4"TAMA METAL WORKS スネアドラム ピッコロ 14"x4"
お買い求めはこちら↓ *ヘッドはLudiwigのコーテッドミディアムに張り替えています。 ドメインを...
TAMA Sound Check on Stage_SHiN@ Zepp Nagpya (Gero Live Tour 2014-SECOND-)TAMA Sound Check on Stage_SHiN@ Zepp Nagpya (Gero Live Tour 2014-SECOND-)
2014.10.26 『Gero Live Tour 2014-SECOND-』 SHiN Drums Sound Check @ Zepp Nagoya.
TAMA S.L.P. Big Black Steel Snare DrumTAMA S.L.P. Big Black Steel Snare Drum
The LST148 "Big Black Steel" snare fills the roll of the classic, heavy fisted, rock snare drum-and then some. It's husky 8" depth hardened Steel shell provides ...

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