Natural Born

歌手 Tama 
作詞 Tama 
作曲 Tama 
読みなちゅらる ぼーん
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Tama - ホンノウ (Featuring ユウスケ from HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR)Tama - ホンノウ (Featuring ユウスケ from HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR)
Tama(ex.ポルノグラフィティ)の2ndシングル「ホンノウ」。 アルバム『NATURAL BORN』収録。
Tama - Metal Cool PV previewTama - Metal Cool PV preview
Preview of PV from 1nd single Metal Cool and 2nd album "Natural Born" from Tama. Masami Shiratama ex Porno Graffitti.
【Kagamine Rin】- natural born B 【Utsu-P】【Kagamine Rin】- natural born B 【Utsu-P】
鏡音リン This is my favorite UtsuP single of 2013. Ever since I listened to DQN Style's crossfade, I knew Utsu's new song would blow me away, and it sure did. It's great seeing Utsu going...
Emmure - Natural Born Killer - CoverEmmure - Natural Born Killer - Cover
Joey and Nathan present violence to you. With this title: Natural Born Killer Here is Nathan's my guitarist youtube channel. Please subscribe to his channel
Tama S.L.P. Duo Birch 14x10" Snare DrumTama S.L.P. Duo Birch 14x10" Snare Drum
New ideas are often conceived by combining a few existing ideas into something fresh and exciting. This Duo Birch was born just that way. It is a very unique 14x10” birch drum equipped with...

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