They Always Talk About

歌手 Rie fu 
作詞 Rie fu 
作曲 Rie fu 
読みぜい おーるうぇいず とーく あばうと
閲覧数合計:1153 今月:7



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Rie fu 『Tiny Tiny Melody』Rie fu 『Tiny Tiny Melody』 Rie fu 10th anniversary.
Riefu Band live in Singapore 201601Riefu Band live in Singapore 201601
16thJan, 2016@Substation Singapore Set List 1.decay 2.I Wanna go to a Place... 3.TSUKAKARI 4.ANATAGA KOKONIIRU RIYUU 5.For You 6.5 Minutes 7.
Rie fu 『ねがいごと』Rie fu 『ねがいごと』 Rie fu 10th anniversary.
Rie fu - Singapore | Soi ProfileRie fu - Singapore | Soi Profile
Rie fu is a Japanese singer, songwriter and painter. Inspired by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush and Carole King, she always finds herself going back her ...

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