They Always Talk About

歌手 Rie fu 
作詞 Rie fu 
作曲 Rie fu 
読みぜい おーるうぇいず とーく あばうと
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Riefu Band live in Singapore 201601Riefu Band live in Singapore 201601
16thJan, 2016@Substation Singapore Set List 1.decay 2.I Wanna go to a Place... 3.TSUKAKARI 4.ANATAGA KOKONIIRU RIYUU 5.For You 6.5 Minutes 7.
Rie fu - Singapore | Soi ProfileRie fu - Singapore | Soi Profile
Rie fu is a Japanese singer, songwriter and painter. Inspired by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush and Carole King, she always finds herself going back her ...
Rie fu 『ねがいごと』Rie fu 『ねがいごと』 Rie fu 10th anniversary.

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