Holding you,and swinging

作詞 AZUKI七 
作曲 中村由利 
編曲 古井弘人 
読みほーるでぃんぐ ゆー、あんど すいんぎんぐ
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Garnet Crow- Holding you, and swingingGarnet Crow- Holding you, and swinging
Download: http://www.badongo.com/cfile/4266719 This was a re-upload from my previous account that i deleted so i decided to re-upload for you guys ^_^ hehe ...
9 . Garnet Crow - Holding you,and swinging9 . Garnet Crow - Holding you,and swinging
GARNET CROW「Holding you, and swinging」(Audio)GARNET CROW「Holding you, and swinging」(Audio)
GARNET CROW album "first soundscope~水のない晴れた海へ~" Available Now! Get it on: iTunes: ...
Holding you,and swinging 歌ってみた GARNET CROWHolding you,and swinging 歌ってみた GARNET CROW
GARNET CROW大好きです もし良かったらコメントください.
GARNET CROW - love lone star,風と Rainbow,Holding You and SwingingGARNET CROW - love lone star,風と Rainbow,Holding You and Swinging
0:02 Love Lone Star 3:44 風と Rainbow 7:19 Holding You and Swinging.

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