It's just love

作曲 MISIA  島野聡 
読みいっつ じゃすと らぶ
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it's just loveit's just love
it's just love-misia.
MISIA - Its Just Love @ 2004 Mars & Roses liveMISIA - Its Just Love @ 2004 Mars & Roses live
[中譯]===轉載來自※ 發覺容易為不經意的一句話受傷用微笑也藏不住已經開始的戀愛It's just love 對自己It's just love 撒謊無法停止的猶豫...
MISIA - It's just love - THE TOUR OF MISIA 2001MISIA - It's just love - THE TOUR OF MISIA 2001
THE TOUR OF MISIA LOVE BEBOP 2016~2017 開催!約4年ぶりのTHE TOUR OF MISIA決定!! コンピューターを駆使したサウンド、芸術的なライティング、度肝を抜く ...
It's just love - LyricsIt's just love - Lyrics
It's a beautiful love song by Misia who has very amazing voice. I don't own the music.
It´s Just Love -Misia KaraokeIt´s Just Love -Misia Karaoke
I hope you enjoy it :D.... It´s the first time I do a video like this, so it does´t have a lot of details...o///o is a simple video.... :) If you know what she is saying at the end ...

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