Love Story

歌手 melody. 
作詞 KURIS  Kyoko Okita 
カテゴリ ドラマ 孤独の賭け~愛しき人よ~ 挿入歌
読みらぶ すとーりー
閲覧数合計:5037 今月:62



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melody. - Love Story PV HD (English lyrics)melody. - Love Story PV HD (English lyrics)
Love Story English lyrics: Through the flood of crowded people I keep looking at his silhouette It was possible to play around with fate, to embrace you closely would be a miracle ...
Love Story - Melody Miyuki Ishikawa (Lyrics + Translation)Love Story - Melody Miyuki Ishikawa (Lyrics + Translation)
hello! this is the lyrics (romaji) and translation (in english) video of melody's love story :) i hope you like it! cuz i worked real hard on this one ¬_¬ anyway, enjoy! johnchigovajrosaki...
Melody - Love Story ~Romaji Lyrics~Melody - Love Story ~Romaji Lyrics~
Theme From Love Story (piano)Theme From Love Story (piano)
Composed by Francis Lai, - the score won him an Oscar in 1970.
【Nightcore】Love Story - melody.【Subbed】【Nightcore】Love Story - melody.【Subbed】
+ 曲名: Love Story + アルバム: Ready to Go! + 作詞: KURIS、置田恭子 + 作曲: KURIS + 編曲: 河野圭...

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