Over The Rainbow

歌手 melody. 
作詞 E.Y.Haburg 
作曲 Harold Arlen 
読みおーばー ざ れいんぼう
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Over The Rainbow - Melody GardotOver The Rainbow - Melody Gardot
From album "My One and Only Thrill". Released on March 17, 2009.
melody. - Over The Rainbowmelody. - Over The Rainbow
melody. - Over The Rainbow.
melody gardot - somewhere over the rainbowmelody gardot - somewhere over the rainbow
live Bergen.
melody. -  Over The Rainbow.melody. - Over The Rainbow.
melody. - The Best Of melody. ~Timeline~-03 Over The Rainbow.
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (piano cover)Somewhere Over the Rainbow (piano cover)
Wizard of Oz is one of my all time favorite movie. I even played a role as Glinda in my 5th grade play! And "Somewhere over the Rainbow" is one of the many ...

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