Be as one

歌手 melody. 
作詞 melody.  MIZUE 
作曲 Takuya Harada 
読みびー あず わん
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Melody. - Be as one.Melody. - Be as one.
Melody. - Be as one. - Be as one. Sitio web:
Melody- Be as oneMelody- Be as one
Melody- Be as one song.
melody. - Be as One (with lyrics)melody. - Be as One (with lyrics)
My first video lyrics because I couldn't find it here. Hope you enjoy~! n____n Lyrics from: Images from: Google Images.
melody. - flower bed  Be as one tourmelody. - flower bed Be as one tour
melody. Be as one コメントmelody. Be as one コメント
melody. Be as one コメント.

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