Blaze Away

歌手 TRAX 
作詞 松井五郎 
作曲 Do As Infinity 
編曲 CH@PPY 
カテゴリ アニメ アイシールド21 ED 2
閲覧数合計:11604 今月:96



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The TRAX- Blaze Away MVThe TRAX- Blaze Away MV
this is the title song of japanese single they released when rose(minwoo) was still in the band.
Eyeshield21 - Blaze Away [ED2]Eyeshield21 - Blaze Away [ED2]
The Trax - Blaze Away PVThe Trax - Blaze Away PV
TRAX - Blaze Away (Subtítulos en español)TRAX - Blaze Away (Subtítulos en español)
Band: TRAX. Song: Blaze Away, from the single with the same name. I couldn't find this song with English or Spanish subtitles, so I asked a friend to help me ...
The Trax:  Blaze AwayThe Trax: Blaze Away
The Trax Yay!

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