歌手 Ace File 
作詞 吉井怜 
作曲 西田マサラ 
編曲 西田マサラ 
カテゴリ アニメ あぃまぃみぃ!ストロベリー・エッグ ED
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My Top Anime Endings of Summer 2001My Top Anime Endings of Summer 2001
I don't know if BLAW JOB SILVER is the best band name in anime, but SALT, SAX, OCTOPUS + BLAW JOB SILVER is definitely the best combination of song title and artist name. Notes: Mamimume...
BanKzR | Terminal Ace | Original FileBanKzR | Terminal Ace | Original File
To Be Honest I've Got A Little Tired Of Everyone Saying The Ace In The SnD Trailer Is Fake. This Is Uploaded For All The Haters To See. This Is The Original File. If You Still Think Its...
205 Towed Away! + 206 & 207 Turnout, Pitt Street, 24 Aug 09205 Towed Away! + 206 & 207 Turnout, Pitt Street, 24 Aug 09
I was much bemused to come across this unusual scene! A Scania with lowloader trailer backed up to Central Fire Station, winching 205 out with the help of Ace Towing 01. A slightly more leisurely...
Ace      FileAce File
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