作詞 森由里子 
作曲 坂部剛 
編曲 新井理生 
カテゴリ アニメ ゼロの使い魔~双月の騎士~ OP
読みあい せい いえす
閲覧数合計:110887 今月:344



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I say yes - IchikoI say yes - Ichiko
Zero no Tsukaima Season 2 opening theme Lyrics from http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/znt2/isayyes.htm Credits for the lyrics goes to them ☆Disclaimer☆ I do not own the song nor Zero...
Zero no Tsukaima - I say yes [Lyrics]Zero no Tsukaima - I say yes [Lyrics]
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I say yes full - ICHIKO - Zero No Tsukaima OPI say yes full - ICHIKO - Zero No Tsukaima OP
FOR MORE CLICK BELOW ..!! full opining music of anime called Zero no tsukaima, I really recommend everyone to watch it you'll definitely love it as I did .. just little similar to Toradora...
ゼロの使い魔2期OP「I SAY YES」ゼロの使い魔2期OP「I SAY YES」
追記※続巻刊行決定!→http://www.zero-tsukaima.com/ 当作品は2006年6月に刊行され、2011年2月の巻を最後に作者・ヤマグチノボル氏(享年41歳)が亡くなっ...
I SAY YES Wedding Version by ICHIKOI SAY YES Wedding Version by ICHIKO
Music theme from Zero No Tsukaima Futatsuki No Kishi enjoy!!! You can get HQ mp3 here: rapidshare.com/files/402167996/24_-_I_SAY_YES__wedding_version_.mp3.html.

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