boom boom beat

作曲 Anders Hellgren  David Myhr 
編曲 Anders Hellgren  David Myhr 
読みぶーん ぶーん びーと
閲覧数合計:1612 今月:11



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PUFFY 『boom boom beat』PUFFY 『boom boom beat』
2007/07/18 リリース.
PUFFY - Boom Boom Beat   livePUFFY - Boom Boom Beat live
David Myhr (ex-The Merrymakers) -- wrote the melody for this song. Check out his own version (feat. Puffy on background vocals!) at:
Boom Boom Beat CM puffyBoom Boom Beat CM puffy
el nuevo comercial puffy ^^
David Myhr feat. PuffyAmiYumi - Boom Boom Beat (Lyric Video)David Myhr feat. PuffyAmiYumi - Boom Boom Beat (Lyric Video)
Song #3 from the follow-up to the 2012 album Soundshine, the new Record Collection EP continues mining the vein of timeless guitar-pop that is David Myhr's stock-in-trade. "Boom Boom Beat"...
David Myhr - Boom Boom Beat (feat. Puffy)David Myhr - Boom Boom Beat (feat. Puffy)
Boom Boom Beat (feat. Puffy) by David Myhr from the album Record Collection Released 2014-05-05 on Monogram Recordings Listen/download this album on your preferred music service: Spotify: https://p...

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