歌手 Cocco 
作詞 こっこ 
作曲 こっこ 
閲覧数合計:2180 今月:6




Cocco 【 4 × 4 】 LIVE ( 説明欄に歌詞あります )Cocco 【 4 × 4 】 LIVE ( 説明欄に歌詞あります )
Cocco エメラルド Live Tour 2010 ( 歌詞 ) you said "stand up, baby" but your house looked as if it's going to fall down fall down I wrote a letter in my head now I ...
DALLAS FUEL REUNION! (xQc, Mickie, Cocco)DALLAS FUEL REUNION! (xQc, Mickie, Cocco)
xQc plays with Mickie and Cocco. xQc released Cocco benched and Mickie still on the roster. Cool to see them together in competitive and are still good friends.
Cocco 「有終の美 from 「Cocco Live Tour 2016 “Adan Ballet” -2016.10.11-」」Cocco 「有終の美 from 「Cocco Live Tour 2016 “Adan Ballet” -2016.10.11-」」
5年ぶりに行われた全国ツアーを待望の映像作品化! 1997年3月21日、シングル「カウントダウン」で衝撃のデビューを飾り、その後「強く儚い者た...
Silje Nergaard - Cocco BelloSilje Nergaard - Cocco Bello
Cocco Bello is the first single out of Silje Nergaard's album "For You A Thousand Times". Listen to it here: During ...

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