歌手 TiA 
作詞 小林夏海 
作曲 北浦正尚 
編曲 河野圭 
カテゴリ アニメ 焼きたて!!ジャぱん OP 2
閲覧数合計:21058 今月:418




Pss aki dejando un poko de la japonasa TiA una gran cantate!!! arriba utada, hiroseeee!!
Yakitate!! Japan OST 2 #1-PromiseYakitate!! Japan OST 2 #1-Promise
This is not mine. Please support your J-pop and anime artist/composers!! The rest of this ost will be out shortly. Shoutout to Odinn08 for the idea!
(MLP Comic Dub) Tia's Promise [sad/uplifting](MLP Comic Dub) Tia's Promise [sad/uplifting]
I guess this would count as my early Valentine's day video. I would like to dedicate this comic to the family and friends who show us the kind of love that make us ...
Tia's Promise (MLP comic dub)Tia's Promise (MLP comic dub)
Tia made a promise a long time ago.
Encerramento #06 Naruto || TiA - Ryuusei ||Legendas PT-BR-JAP(KARAOKE) by @Lucas4lvesEncerramento #06 Naruto || TiA - Ryuusei ||Legendas PT-BR-JAP(KARAOKE) by @Lucas4lves
Clique aqui e copie a letra pro seu orkut. ;D Vídeo Original XD "A cópia não é considerada crime se o plagiador ...

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