Merry Go Round

歌手 星村麻衣 
作詞 星村麻衣 
作曲 星村麻衣 
カテゴリ アニメ 焼きたて!!ジャぱん ED 5
読みめりー ごー らうんど
閲覧数合計:8145 今月:45



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[Kyoya] Merry Go Round - Mai Hoshimura[Kyoya] Merry Go Round - Mai Hoshimura
I do not own the song or the picture...the only thing i own is my voice XD sorry it's a little short...have been too busy these days....=( i missed the yakitate anime so i decided to cover...
Merry Go-Round IMerry Go-Round I
I was working on this but then it disappeard but before that happen I saved some parts of it and here is one of them ... ______ Part 2 -
Merry-Go-Round / Levites / Words & Music by Scott Brenner / Official Music VideoMerry-Go-Round / Levites / Words & Music by Scott Brenner / Official Music Video
Verse One Heads up, hold your head high Don't look down, you can reach the sky It's your call, your choice Nobody else can stop your voice, if - you know, you're free Take your stand,...

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