Jolly Jolly

カテゴリ アニメ RED GARDEN OP
読みじょりー じょりー
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JiLL-Decoy association - Jolly JollyJiLL-Decoy association - Jolly Jolly
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【OFFICIAL】Jolly Jolly/JiLL-Decoy association(ジルデコ)【OFFICIAL】Jolly Jolly/JiLL-Decoy association(ジルデコ)
2007/04/18発売 1st Album 『ジルデコ』 収録 □Official Site □iTunes □Amazon
Jill-Decoy association - Jolly JollyJill-Decoy association - Jolly Jolly
One of Jill-Decoy association's videos for their song "Jolly Jolly". This is one of 2 videos for "Jolly Jolly" that I know of. --------------------- Unfortunately my source file...
Red Garden Opening - Jolly JollyRed Garden Opening - Jolly Jolly
El opening del animé "Red Garden", "Jolly Jolly" de JiLL-Decoy association.

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