歌手 大槻真希 
作詞 大槻真希 
作曲 森純太 
編曲 森純太 
カテゴリ アニメ ONE PIECE ED 1
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02 Memories ~17 years later~ - Maki Otsuki02 Memories ~17 years later~ - Maki Otsuki
Title : Memories ~17 years later~ Artist : Maki Otsuki Album : Destiny Year : 2016 Release : 16 July 2016.
Maki Otsuki -  memories (大槻真希) LIVE - One Piece Ending 1Maki Otsuki - memories (大槻真希) LIVE - One Piece Ending 1
karaoke lyrics indonesian english french japanese 大槻マキ.
ONE PIECE ED1 MemoriesONE PIECE ED1 Memories
ONE PIECE OP1 ウィーアー ONE PIECE シャンクス回想
One Piece OST 1 # 16 MemoriesOne Piece OST 1 # 16 Memories
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Memories - moumoon (One piece: Episode of Merry)Memories - moumoon (One piece: Episode of Merry)
"Memories" cover versions by moumoon. Original soundtrack from One piece: Episode of Merry. All rights to avexnetwork.

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