歌手 志方あきこ 
作詞 篠田朋子 
作曲 志方あきこ 
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Sorriso - 志方あきこSorriso - 志方あきこ
志方あきこ - Sorriso Akiko Shikata - A Smile Album: Navigatoria (2005) Composed & arranged by: 志方あきこ (Akiko Shikata) Lyrics by: 篠田朋子 (Tomoko Shinoda) Vocals by:...
(English) Akiko Shikata - Sorriso(English) Akiko Shikata - Sorriso
Actually, I don't understand Italian language at all. Thanks to the Japanese text in the CD booklet and Google Translate, however, I managed to make this movie.
Akiko Shikata-Hanakisou-sorrisoAkiko Shikata-Hanakisou-sorriso
Akiko Shikata-Hanakisou-sorriso disc 2.
【Piano】 志方あきこ — Sorriso~Venitelo a vedere ‘l mi’ piccino~【Piano】 志方あきこ — Sorriso~Venitelo a vedere ‘l mi’ piccino~
Title: Sorriso~Venitelo a vedere 'l mi' piccino~ ○ Artist: Shikata Akiko ○ Album: Kalliope~Piano Concert~ ○ Release Date: January, 2007 I do not own anything! 私は何も所...
Sorriso - Akiko ShikataSorriso - Akiko Shikata
Song: Sorriso Artist: Akiko Shikata Album: Navigatoria Track: 8 Download Song Here: Download Album Here: http://www.4sh...

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