Wish in the blood

歌手 北出菜奈 
作詞 北出菜奈 
作曲 山口寛雄 
閲覧数合計:2546 今月:14



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Nana Kitade - Wish In the BloodNana Kitade - Wish In the Blood
Artist: Nana Kitade Song: Wish In the Blood I made a slideshow to go with the song. Enjoy! ^_^
「歌ってみた」Wish in the Blood (COVER) By 邪YOKOSHIMA「歌ってみた」Wish in the Blood (COVER) By 邪YOKOSHIMA
Nana Kitade 北出菜奈 - Kibou no kakera 希望のカケラ (cover)Nana Kitade 北出菜奈 - Kibou no kakera 希望のカケラ (cover)
It's been a while! Sorry for the lack of update, and also thank you thank you THANK YOU for your constant comments and feedback on my older vids!!! I'm really ...

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