Black Maybe

歌手 ACO 
作詞 Stevie Wonder 
作曲 Stevie Wonder 
閲覧数合計:533 今月:2



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Common Black MaybeCommon Black Maybe
Performed at DSTV Delicious Festival in South Africa 06 October 2017.
Sandy Cossett - Black MaybeSandy Cossett - Black Maybe
Lovely & modern remake of Syreeta's & Stevie's CLASSIC!!! done by the diva of the French soul scene, Sandy Cossett. I swear she sounds like Syreeta.
Syreeta - Black Maybe (piano cover)Syreeta - Black Maybe (piano cover)
Black maybe or maybe it's just one you say Black maybe or maybe this is just your color for today You've seen the way they've done your bow And the bow's still down after three hundred years...

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