歌手 徳永英明 
作詞 徳永英明 
作曲 徳永英明 
編曲 国吉良一 
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(カラオケ?)balance Hideaki Tokunaga を歌ってみた(カラオケ?)balance Hideaki Tokunaga を歌ってみた
This song sings that if you mutually love each other, any difficulties will be kept in exquisite balance for the two people and overcome.
(カラオケ風)balance Hideaki Tokunaga を歌ってみた(カラオケ風)balance Hideaki Tokunaga を歌ってみた
(カラオケ風)Balance Hideaki Tokunaga を歌ってみた(カラオケ風)Balance Hideaki Tokunaga を歌ってみた
This is such a song. ^^ He has said that he will take her and the trip to love." I will go to the world of only two persons' dream. "
performance test 7, Balanced(平衡)circuit Positive phase (3-HOT) 正相 : 徳永英明 - 青い契りperformance test 7, Balanced(平衡)circuit Positive phase (3-HOT) 正相 : 徳永英明 - 青い契り
Shot in ipohne5C attaching with stereo mic ( iQ7 : 90 Degree ). Ripping Data from CD : 徳永英明 - 青い契り. CD →Rip MacBook PRO17” ( play with...

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