歌手 安室奈美恵 
作詞 Kask  Hanson  Cunnah  森由里子 
作曲 Kask  Hanson  Cunnah 
カテゴリ アニメ 犬夜叉 ED 7
閲覧数合計:14051 今月:181




安室奈美恵 Namie Amuro 「Come」 Remix安室奈美恵 Namie Amuro 「Come」 Remix
Namie Amuro Come Remix.
InuYasha Ending 7 - Come My Way (HQ)InuYasha Ending 7 - Come My Way (HQ)
FULL song --- ed 7 , anime , come , inukag , inukik inuyasha ending theme 7 - come by namie amuro - high quality this vid kept gettin blocked by avex idk why ...
安室奈美恵 Namie Amuro - Come (+Alpha Trance Mix)安室奈美恵 Namie Amuro - Come (+Alpha Trance Mix)
No copyright infringement intended. For entertainment purposes only. :) Download: ...
Come - Namie Amuro / 安室 奈美恵- Inuyasha ending (acoustic cover)Come - Namie Amuro / 安室 奈美恵- Inuyasha ending (acoustic cover)
I love this song so I just had to cover it! I got the chords from
Namie Amuro - Come (instrumental) FULL!Namie Amuro - Come (instrumental) FULL!
Come by Namie Amuro in full instrumental. It has no pics though. Hope u liked it!

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