歌手 Sound Horizon 
作詞 Revo 
作曲 Revo 
閲覧数合計:252346 今月:854




Ark Elysion Sound Horizon English SubtitlesArk Elysion Sound Horizon English Subtitles
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Sound Horizon ArkSound Horizon Ark
Sound Horizon Ark.
Sound Horizon - Ark [TTE III Live Day 1]Sound Horizon - Ark [TTE III Live Day 1]
Sound Horizon's performance of the song Ark from their album Elysion, from the TTE III live, day 1. The vocals are by Jimang and Revo. Please support Sound ...
Sound Horizon 「Ark」 (English Subbed) MADSound Horizon 「Ark」 (English Subbed) MAD
Stuff in parentheses are in the lyrics, but not actually sung.
Ark - Sound Horizon (中文字幕)Ark - Sound Horizon (中文字幕)
這首歌是第四專輯Elysion中Abyss的第一首歌, 故事有很多想像空間, 當中的「妹妹」因記憶被修改愛上她的「哥哥」, 但卻無法得到哥哥的愛,...

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