歌手 Chiaki 
作詞 梶浦由記 
作曲 梶浦由記 
編曲 梶浦由記 
カテゴリ アニメ NOIR イメージソング
閲覧数合計:1231 今月:3




Hard to Love - Chiaki NodameHard to Love - Chiaki Nodame
Nagito X Chiaki - Crazy In LoveNagito X Chiaki - Crazy In Love
Hey everyone! I ship it. Yes, it might be weird, BUT I'm not alone! There's fanart of them... They're just so cute together okay? I don't know why! ARGH. I love ...
Maron love/hate ChiakiMaron love/hate Chiaki
this amv is about the love/hate relation betwin Maron and Chiaki anime: Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne song: Always by saliva.
Chiaki and Maron First LoveChiaki and Maron First Love
This is my 1st KKJ Amv on Maron and Chiaki.Hope you like it and enjoy :)
(Dedicate to: InstantJommyFanMVs) Nodame x Chiaki; Accidentally in Love(Dedicate to: InstantJommyFanMVs) Nodame x Chiaki; Accidentally in Love
edit: Didn't see that Bree actually wishes for this in her wishlist so dedicate this to you! Hope you like it! && I'm so surprised to learn so many people watched this ...

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