歌手 Sound Horizon 
作詞 Revo 
作曲 Revo 
閲覧数合計:98785 今月:205




Yield Elysion Sound Horizon English SubtitlesYield Elysion Sound Horizon English Subtitles
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08 Yield | Sound Horizon | Live | English Sub08 Yield | Sound Horizon | Live | English Sub
Part 8 of the Encore of the 5th Story 「Roman」 Concert Sound Horizon - Yield Subs by LostNeko (Activate CC for subs!)
Sound Horizon - YieldSound Horizon - Yield
Sound Horizon - Yield.
Yield - Sound Horizon (中文字幕)Yield - Sound Horizon (中文字幕)
這首歌是第四專輯Elysion中Abyss的第三首歌, 曲風是輕快的民族豐收節慶音樂, 歌名Yield是「結果實」的意思, 但同時也有「被迫放棄」「讓步」的意...
【Sound Horizon】 Yield (English Cover) 【Umber】【Sound Horizon】 Yield (English Cover) 【Umber】
[Bagpipe Intensifies] Hello, I have come with a full Sound Horizon cover this time. “But Umber, shouldn't you pick popular songs that will help grow your ...

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