歌手 Sound Horizon 
作詞 Revo 
作曲 Revo 
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Sacrifice - Sound Horizon「Elysion」English SubtitlesSacrifice - Sound Horizon「Elysion」English Subtitles
Sacrifice - Sound Horizon「Elysion」English Subtitles Story: There lived two girls who were sisters. The little sister was beautiful and pure like an angel, while the ...
Sound Horizon - SacrificeSound Horizon - Sacrifice
Elysion Live.
Elysion~楽園幻想物語組曲~08 SacrificeElysion~楽園幻想物語組曲~08 Sacrifice
歌詞: 「彼女こそ...私のエリスなのだろうか...」 (Sacrifice, Sacrifice, ah...Sacrifice, Sacrifice, ah...) 無邪気な笑顔が 愛らしい妹は 神に愛されたか...
「 Sacrifice / サクリファイス 」 歌ってみた ENGLISH cover 【 pickle131 】「 Sacrifice / サクリファイス 」 歌ってみた ENGLISH cover 【 pickle131 】
I've literally been wanting to record this song since way back even before I was in high school! But I never had the confidence to give it a try, since I've always ...
Sound Horizon / Elysion / Sacrifice Sub. EspañolSound Horizon / Elysion / Sacrifice Sub. Español
El video no lo he hecho yo, solo le puse los subtitulos. Me gusto este video por que explica bien algunas cosas que no se entienden totalmente en el live del ...

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