歌手 Sound Horizon 
作詞 Revo 
作曲 Revo 
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Sound Horizon: StardustSound Horizon: Stardust
BTW Sorry for the lack of vids;; Hijacked from NicoDou!
Sound Horizon StarDust(簡日字幕)Sound Horizon StarDust(簡日字幕)
Sound Horizon メジャーデビュー10周年記念作品 第4弾「9th Story Concert 『Nein』~西洋骨董屋根裏堂へようこそ~」 Disc2 アンコール スペシャル盤 Blu-ray.
StarDust Sound Horizon The Assorted Horizon English SubtitlesStarDust Sound Horizon The Assorted Horizon English Subtitles
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【Lizz Robinett】Stardust (Sound Horizon)【Vocal Cover】【Lizz Robinett】Stardust (Sound Horizon)【Vocal Cover】
Too lazy to put translation in the video so yOU'RE JUST GUNNA HAVE TO DEAL WITH NOT KNOWING WHAT I'M SAYING. This song is a bitch. The chorus is ...
stardust(live + 字幕) - sound horizonstardust(live + 字幕) - sound horizon
七原秋也後期製作-3- 2012/07 Almost 500k! love あらまり FOREVER.

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