give it back

歌手 Fayray 
作詞 Fayray 
作曲 Fayray 
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Fayray - Better DaysFayray - Better Days
Upload mp3s @ Lyric: so now you go again with all your crazy dreams and I wanna hold you so close to make you feel so safe, honey ...
I Do -  FayrayI Do - Fayray
artist: Fayray album: touch me, kiss me Cyborg 009(2001) 3rd ending song -Lyrics- I do I love you so Never ever gonna let you go Just listen to my headbeat In ...
FayrayのStayを歌ってみた。I'll be grateful if you can give me some comment.
Fayrayフェイレイ tears うたってみたFayrayフェイレイ tears うたってみた
Singer : 大ちゅわん Title : tears Fayray 2000 名曲ですなあ everysing, Let's Sing! Smart Karaoke, everysing that everyone worldwide enjoy! With Smart Karaoke ...
Fay Ray - MemoryFay Ray - Memory
me singing "Memory" from Cats. This is quite possibly my strongest song, but I'm not at my best in this video due to an entire day of singing at work. But I hope ...

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