作詞 松岡充 
作曲 都啓一 
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Sophia the hedgehog:fairly perfectSophia the hedgehog:fairly perfect
/SSO MV/ ×Fairly Local - For Sophia Highstreet×/SSO MV/ ×Fairly Local - For Sophia Highstreet×
Aweja! Toto video je darováno Sofče :P Mám tě ráda :P Čas: 4 h 30 min Editor: Sony Vegas Pro 13 (SVP 13) ×Info o mě na SSO× Jméno na SSO: Klaudia Clouddawn Momentální LVL: 18...
Sophia, The Goddess of Rebirth awakens!!Sophia, The Goddess of Rebirth awakens!!
This is my take on a Sophia deck. I understand its fairly weak and what not but at least if Sophia doesn't hit the field it can still hold its own fairly well without her. Deck profile at the...
Sophia Lucia dancing to "Fairly Local" by twenty one pilotsSophia Lucia dancing to "Fairly Local" by twenty one pilots
I own nothing. I just make audio swaps! Song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDI9inno86U Dance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6un7689tYhk.
John Lamb Lash - The True Lucifer is Gaia SophiaJohn Lamb Lash - The True Lucifer is Gaia Sophia
Modern day Gnostic Lash explains why the real Lucifer is Sophia. The names Lucifer & Satan are used to mean the same entity, but they are not. Satan is another biblical fiction invented by...

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