作詞 松岡充 
作曲 都啓一 
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Sophia the hedgehog:fairly perfectSophia the hedgehog:fairly perfect
FFXIV: Heavensward Gameplay - 115 - Bard - Sophia (Extreme) (First Clear)FFXIV: Heavensward Gameplay - 115 - Bard - Sophia (Extreme) (First Clear)
Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Gameplay by Tsuki. My first clear of Sophia EX, or Containment Bay P1T6 (Extreme), that boring title. It was a fairly close clear ...
Sia ~ Elastic Heart (Sophia Scott Cover)Sia ~ Elastic Heart (Sophia Scott Cover)
Sia has become a fairly recent inspiration to me because of her songwriting skills and vocal talent. She's so unique to the industry and has such a real ...
John Lamb Lash - The True Lucifer is Gaia SophiaJohn Lamb Lash - The True Lucifer is Gaia Sophia
Modern day Gnostic Lash explains why the real Lucifer is Sophia. The names Lucifer & Satan are used to mean the same entity, but they are not. Satan is ...
Fall Bold Lip x Sophia TrentacarliniFall Bold Lip x Sophia Trentacarlini
Hello everyone! Meet my wonderfully talented friend Sophie Trentacarlini. We came together to bring you guys this super cute and fairly simple fall inspired ...

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