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【YeLLOW Generation】カラオケ人気曲トップ10【ランキング1位は!!】【YeLLOW Generation】カラオケ人気曲トップ10【ランキング1位は!!】
YeLLOW Generationさんのカラオケベストランキングです。(おすすめ) あなたがいつも歌う曲や好きな曲は!? ぜひ、コメント欄に書いていってね!...
ED - Charmer FanVideo ~ 遊戯王 霊使いED - Charmer FanVideo ~ 遊戯王 霊使い
Another Charmer video (again) from me the Charmer Master~. An ending for my Charmer fanfiction~ Watch in HQ would be more enjoyable to watch~ The song ...
Yu-Gi-Oh! Charmers AMV: CARPE DIEMYu-Gi-Oh! Charmers AMV: CARPE DIEM
I made another Charmer AMV~ First thing, PLEASE WATCH IN HQ!!!! The song is CARPE DIEM~ima, kono shunkan wo ikiru by YeLLOW Generation.
Tobira no Connect he - ClariS vs Yellow GenerationTobira no Connect he - ClariS vs Yellow Generation
Now that's kinda different from the other mashups I made. I pitch shifted everything to match only one key, so some parts may sound a bit strange to some.

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