Knockin' on the door

歌手 藤木直人 
作詞 藤木直人 
作曲 高橋圭一 
閲覧数合計:368 今月:3



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藤木直人(Naohito Fujiki) - T-ROX〜ティラノザウルス・ロックス〜藤木直人(Naohito Fujiki) - T-ROX〜ティラノザウルス・ロックス〜
Besides 布袋寅泰, Fujiki also cited Nuno Bettencourt and Reb Beach as his favourite guitarists, and this really showed in this song from the 2002 album "WARP".
Stars That Move- Knockin' on Heaven's DoorStars That Move- Knockin' on Heaven's Door Twin Earth Records. Vocals by Elisa Maria. Guitar by Ric Bennett. Recorded and Mastered by Frank ...

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