歌手 ナイトメア 
作詞 YOMI 
作曲 咲人 
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Nightmare - "Crevasse"Nightmare - "Crevasse"
Artist: Nightmare Music: Crevasse Album: the WORLD ruler te wo nobaseba kimi ga ita mada kokoro ni kimi ga ita naze wakare wo tsugeta no ka ima demo mada wakarazu ni sekai no...
ナイトメア Nightmare - crevasse (English translation and lyrics)ナイトメア Nightmare - crevasse (English translation and lyrics)
And here we go again, this is the third and last time I will be uploading this, once again with a slight change in that ending-phrase that has been driving me nuts these last weeks but at last...
Nightmare - Crevasse (Cover)Nightmare - Crevasse (Cover)
Song: Crevasse Artist: Nightmare Album: the World Ruler.
ナイトメア 赤触  [PV].wmvナイトメア 赤触 [PV].wmv
ナイトメア Nightmare - ネオテニー Neoteny (English translation and Lyrics)ナイトメア Nightmare - ネオテニー Neoteny (English translation and Lyrics)
Hello everyone! :D Neoteny uploaded for you all to enjoy as per request by StarryLight43 :) Great, great song overall, one of the first songs I heard with nightmare actually as Anima was the...

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