Black Sick Spider

歌手 ナイトメア 
作詞 RUKA 
作曲 RUKA 
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ナイトメア Nightmare - Black Sick Spider (English translation and lyrics)ナイトメア Nightmare - Black Sick Spider (English translation and lyrics)
Hey guys! :) The last request from StarryLight43 named Black Sick Spider translated and uploaded for all of you to enjoy ;)
NIGHTMARE ジャイアニズム叱 ( Gianizm Shichi)  Sub EspañolNIGHTMARE ジャイアニズム叱 ( Gianizm Shichi) Sub Español
álbum "the WORLD Ruler" año 2007 Letra: YOMI Música: Sakito NOTA: La frase "Revende ese orgullo" (Sono jisonshin wo kakagero) en particular posee ...
Nightmare - BLACK SICK SPIDER [Subtitulos Español]Nightmare - BLACK SICK SPIDER [Subtitulos Español]
TOUR Vision The world Ruler (2007)
Nightmare - Black Sick SpiderNightmare - Black Sick Spider
I think this is one of Nightmare's songs not entierly sure. DISCLAMIR i do not own any of this!!!!!
Nightmare-ジャイアニズム叱 ~the Five Stars Night~ @ Budokan Part 14Nightmare-ジャイアニズム叱 ~the Five Stars Night~ @ Budokan Part 14
Nightmare's Gianism Shichi Live @ Nippon Budokan Part 14.

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