歌手 ナイトメア 
作詞 YOMI 
作曲 RUKA 
編曲 ナイトメア 
閲覧数合計:1133 今月:5




ナイトメア - NIGHTMARE / Believe PVナイトメア - NIGHTMARE / Believe PV
DISCLAIMER: this PV belongs to Nightmare and their Label., I Don't Own Anything. XxX Support them always XxX.
Nightmare Believe live 2003Nightmare Believe live 2003
From ULTIMATE CIRCUS FINALE Shibuya koukaidou Don´t own or claim as mine Nippon Crown (c) December 12, 2003 SUPPORT NIGHTMARE BUYING ...
Nightmare-Believe ~the Five Stars Night~ @ Budokan [Encore Part 1/7]Nightmare-Believe ~the Five Stars Night~ @ Budokan [Encore Part 1/7]
Nightmare's Believe Encore Part 1/7 Live @ Nippon Budokan. 'Believe' was Nightmare's major debut. X")
ナイトメア -Believe-  2 Guitar Coverナイトメア -Believe- 2 Guitar Cover
取り直しました。 今回は、咲人、柩の両パートを弾きました。
Nightmare-Ultamite Circus-Track 5.(Believe)Nightmare-Ultamite Circus-Track 5.(Believe)
Nightmare (ナイトメア Naitomea?) is a visual kei rock band from Japan. They enjoyed mainstream success with the inclusion of "The World" and "Alumina" in the ...

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