歌手 ナイトメア 
作詞 RUKA 
作曲 RUKA  Ni~ya 
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Remembrance- NightmareRemembrance- Nightmare
Pues eh estado buscando el video de esta cancion y no lo eh encontrado asi que me decidi a hacer uno con varios de los videos de nightmare! owo! (nightmare ...
ナイトメア Nightmare - Remembrance and Itsuka no Boku he (いつかの僕へ) w/ lyricsナイトメア Nightmare - Remembrance and Itsuka no Boku he (いつかの僕へ) w/ lyrics
Hey guys! :) Today I present to you two songs in one video! :) I've always felt that these songs belong together even though they are considered as two different ...
Nightmare- Remembrance sub espNightmare- Remembrance sub esp
Banda: Nightmare Cancion: Remembrance Album: Libido (2004) Letra: Ruka Musica: Ni~ya/Ruka visita:
Nightmare - 「Remembrance」Guitar CoverNightmare - 「Remembrance」Guitar Cover
A cover of Hitsugi's part (with Sakito's solo ) of Nightmare's (ナイトメア) song “Remembrance” from their album “Livid” (リヴィド). Awesome song! - the camera ...
Remembrance by NightmareRemembrance by Nightmare
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