Taste me

歌手 滝沢秀明 
作詞 宮崎歩 
作曲 宮崎歩 
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Here is my final fanvid for KAT-TUN 10th Anniversary, with ⑥ of KAT-TUN like they were at the very begining ! :) I did some fanvids with recent Kat-tun but ...
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20090102 瀧澤革命新聞.
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タッキー 武井咲への甘い言葉連発「“禁断の愛”でキュンキュンして」アミーゴ! ☆Youtubeで収入アップ!稼ぎ方の方法はこちら↓↓ http://banana-...
Get this look: 24H Cosme X Tokyo LuxeyGet this look: 24H Cosme X Tokyo Luxey
Hey hey! As you all know I am a Luxey girl & I received their goodie bag filled with makeup during my first meet up!

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