Dear my friend

歌手 米倉千尋 
作詞 米倉千尋 
作曲 米倉千尋 
編曲 高山和芽 
閲覧数合計:1014 今月:6



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米倉千尋 - Friends米倉千尋 - Friends
歌詞[最終校正版] ずっと探していた同じ瞳 一直尋找著相同的眼神 同じ夢を抱いてる my friends 擁抱著相同夢想的 my friends 昨日までの涙 今日か...
Yonekura Chihiro (米倉千尋) WILLYonekura Chihiro (米倉千尋) WILL
This is Yonekura Chihiro's most popular song, which was used as the opening song of the anime: Senkaiden Hoshin Engi. This is her best selling single with 85920 copies sales. The song was...
Yonekura Chihiro (米倉千尋) FEEL MEYonekura Chihiro (米倉千尋) FEEL ME
This is a Yonekura Chihiro song from her album: Colours. Release date: 1999.11.03.
Paradise Go!! Go!! - Dear my friend [HQ]Paradise Go!! Go!! - Dear my friend [HQ]
Uploading due to popular request, as it seems that many people do not have access to high quality versions of Paradise Go!! Go!!'s videos. As these videos were made before the era of Blu-ray...
Yonekura Chihiro - Tooku he (米倉千尋 - 遠くへ)Yonekura Chihiro - Tooku he (米倉千尋 - 遠くへ)
This is a Yonekura Chihiro song froom her album: apples. Release date: 2000.10.25. It was also released on her single: Return to myself.

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