the meaning of peace

歌手 BoA 
作詞 小室哲哉 
作曲 小室哲哉 
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倖田來未 & BoA / the meaning of peace (2002 LIVE)倖田來未 & BoA / the meaning of peace (2002 LIVE)
(Cosmo EARTH CONSCIOUS ACT) 2002/04/22.
BoA - The Meaning Of Peace (Live)BoA - The Meaning Of Peace (Live)
BoA performing 'The Meaning Of Peace' with Kumi Koda from the album 'Listen To My Heart'. (c) 2001 Avex Trax.
Yuna/Lenne -Meaning of Peace and LoveYuna/Lenne -Meaning of Peace and Love
I own nothing, this is fanmade and all copyright data belongs to their respective owners. Ha... tried working with Japanese songs... didnt turn out too well. Though ...
Me singing "The Meaning of Peace"-BoAMe singing "The Meaning of Peace"-BoA
This, actually, was my audition entry for Otaku Idol 2008 =).
【Zessei Bijin!】 BoA & Koda Kumi - Meaning of Peace 【Serena x Moon】【Zessei Bijin!】 BoA & Koda Kumi - Meaning of Peace 【Serena x Moon】
Duet with Serena and Moon~ Subscribe to Zessei Bijin today at: Follow us on Twitter: ...

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