Feel the same

歌手 BoA 
作詞 BoA  藤林聖子 
作曲 BoA  AKIRA 
閲覧数合計:1442 今月:26



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BoA - Feel the sameBoA - Feel the same
[BoABoA.vn] BoA - Feel The Same [Kara + Vietsub][BoABoA.vn] BoA - Feel The Same [Kara + Vietsub]
From Live Tour 2004 [Love & Honesty]. This was a last song she sang in that tour. Can you see her happy tears? Let's feel the same ^^ BoA's Vietnamese ...
Feel the Same [Love & Honesty] ~English Sub~Feel the Same [Love & Honesty] ~English Sub~
More videos click : http://adf.ly/517292/raul-kun.blogspot.com BoA - Feel the Same [Love & Honesty Tour 2004] ~English Sub by Raul~
[KY 금영노래방] BOA(보아) - Feel The Same (KY Karaoke No.KY66608)[KY 금영노래방] BOA(보아) - Feel The Same (KY Karaoke No.KY66608)
매일매일 새로운 노래가 업데이트 됩니다. 구독을 통해 그 기쁨을 즐기세요! Brand NEW KPOP SONG will be updated EVERY DAY!! Would you like to enjoy more ...
[Karaoke] Feel The Same (remix)[Karaoke] Feel The Same (remix)
https://khoere.com , NƠI CHIA SẺ SÁNG TẠO CỦA BẠN! Karaoke: Feel The Same , Ca sĩ: BoA. Lời: * * * Sseul sseul hahm ee neu kkyuh jil dden geu deh ee ...

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