歌手 Ilaria Graziano 
作詞 Troy 
作曲 菅野よう子 
編曲 菅野よう子 
カテゴリ アニメ 攻殻機動隊 STAND ALONE COMPLEX イメージソング
閲覧数合計:5279 今月:15




08 Velveteen - Ilaria Graziano08 Velveteen - Ilaria Graziano
Vocal: Ilaria Graziano Words: Troy Music: Yoko Kanno LYRICS Seeing you in my tears In my own reflection I hear you in the wind that passes through me Feel ...
Yoko Kanno & Ilaria Graziano - Velveteen (music video: Ghost in the Shell)Yoko Kanno & Ilaria Graziano - Velveteen (music video: Ghost in the Shell)
Unofficial, custom music video for the song "Velveteen" of Ilaria Graziano and Yoko Kanno. The Videocaps are taken from the gorgeous anime Ghost in the Shell ...
Velveteen - GitS SAC OST 1Velveteen - GitS SAC OST 1
Track name: Velveteen Track number: 8 Album: Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex OST 1 Composer: Yoko Kanno Vocals: Ilaria Graziano Lyrics: troy ...

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