Pressentiment triste

カテゴリ アニメ 月詠-MOON PHASE- ED 1
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Tsukuyomi Moon Phase ending ep 19 - Pressentiment TristeTsukuyomi Moon Phase ending ep 19 - Pressentiment Triste
I don't own the music or the animation on this video! Anime: Tsukuyomi Moon Phase by Keitaro Arima Music: Pressentiment Triste by Marianne Amplifier ...
Tsukuyomi Moon Phase - Kanashii Yokan (Full Ending)Tsukuyomi Moon Phase - Kanashii Yokan (Full Ending)
El primer Ending de Moon Phase compuesto por Yukari Hashimoto.
Pressentiment triste (jazz version)Pressentiment triste (jazz version)
Pressentiment triste (jazz version)

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