Yellow bird

歌手 Akeboshi 
作詞 Akeboshi 
作曲 Akeboshi 
閲覧数合計:996 今月:3



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Yellow Bird - AkeboshiYellow Bird - Akeboshi
I'm not the owner of the image, neither the music, just publishing to show the world more songs from this awesome artist. Lyrics: One rainy afternoon a yellow ...
Akeboshi - Yellow Bird (with lyrics)Akeboshi - Yellow Bird (with lyrics)
I love this song so much. Song belongs to Akeboshi, and if I'm asked, I'm removing this video.
Akeboshi & Steve Pilgrim ''Yellow bird'' ''Owl on roof''Akeboshi & Steve Pilgrim ''Yellow bird'' ''Owl on roof''
2012 in Tokyo ''Yellow bird'' AG&Vo: Akeboshi AG&Vo: Steve Pilgrim Drums: Akira Kawasaki ''Owl on roof'' AG&Vo: Steve Pilgrim Piano&Vo: Akeboshi Drums: ...
Akeboshi - Yellow BirdAkeboshi - Yellow Bird
Akeboshi - Yellow Bird.
~Yellow Bird~ Akeboshi~Yellow Bird~ Akeboshi
One rainy afternoon, I decided to make this video.

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