Somebody's World

歌手 Rie fu 
作詞 Rie fu 
作曲 Rie fu 
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Somebody's World sung by KurobanakaoruSomebody's World sung by Kurobanakaoru
Somebody's World, originally by Rie Fu, sung by me. Oh, sorry for the sudden loudness in the music when there was no singing. brought the mic towards the ...
【Rie fu】 カラオケ人気曲ランキング BEST5【Rie fu】 カラオケ人気曲ランキング BEST5
Rie fu(リエ フゥ)さんのカラオケ人気曲ランキングです。 お気に入りの楽曲をたくさん練習して、みんなに聴かせてあげましょう。 ほかの歌手...
Rie Fu - I So Wanted (English Version)Rie Fu - I So Wanted (English Version)
B side from the "Home" single. I do not own etc. -uploaded in HD at
Elsword NA - WS Casual Time Attacks - 5-x Hell - Upload #2Elsword NA - WS Casual Time Attacks - 5-x Hell - Upload #2
Recorded on September 30th, 2014 ---- So the 2nd installment of me doing solo runs for funsies to make sure that my reaction and setup game are on point.

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