Sick Vibration

歌手 the pillows 
作詞 山中さわお 
作曲 山中さわお 
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The pillows ~Sick Vibration~The pillows ~Sick Vibration~
the pillows - Sick Vibrationthe pillows - Sick Vibration
Sick Vibration, from Terminal Heaven's Rock.
『Sick Vibration』 the pillows COVER CONTEST『Sick Vibration』 the pillows COVER CONTEST
the pillows のみなさん、20周年おめでとうございます!!! 家中のthe pillows Tシャツをフル活用して、ノリノリで踊れる『Sick Vibration』を唄わせていただ...
the pillows cover - Sick Vibration (2 guitars)the pillows cover - Sick Vibration (2 guitars)
these are me and my friend aukm0el. we had a chance to play together and recorded a couple videos. we had only one real amp and one pedal and later we noticed that we could barely hear his...
[LIVE] 2003.09.13 - Shibuya Tower Records B1 (Part 3)[LIVE] 2003.09.13 - Shibuya Tower Records B1 (Part 3)
Ride on Shooting Star Sick Vibration.

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