Desert Rose

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Nightcore - Desert RoseNightcore - Desert Rose
Please Read: I don't own anything in this video....all rights go to their respective owners. Artist: Abingdon Boys School.
abingdon boys school 「DESERT ROSE」Guitar Coverabingdon boys school 「DESERT ROSE」Guitar Cover
abingdon boys school のDesert Roseを弾いてみました。ライブ音源なのであまり音よくないです><演奏は耳コピなのでかるくきいてやってください☆...
abingdon boys school — Desert Rose coverabingdon boys school — Desert Rose cover
Enregistré le 28 juin 2014 au Red Lion à Pau avec Nanou en guest lead.
Abingdon Boys School - Desert Rose Cover (New!)Abingdon Boys School - Desert Rose Cover (New!)
This is just a updated version of Desert Rose, it's more accurate then the first upload. Check out the TAB I made :
abingdon boys school (abs) - Desert Rose [piano version]abingdon boys school (abs) - Desert Rose [piano version]
I hope that all of the A.B.S fans will love it;] music: shibasaki hiroshi 柴崎 浩 lyric: nishikawa takanori 西川 貴教 piano version's editor: Winni about abingdon boys school:...

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