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Atlantis: The Lost Empire credits re-doAtlantis: The Lost Empire credits re-do
I replaced "Where The Dreams Take You" with "Crystal Vine" by Dreams Come True because this was the movie's theme song in Japan. Atlantis: The Lost Empire is owned by Walt Disney Pictures.
三浦里菜 「Eyes to me」 「crystal vine」 「プラチナ」  (3713)三浦里菜 「Eyes to me」 「crystal vine」 「プラチナ」  (3713)
説明 2014.2.24 サッポロ・ファクトリー・ウィークデー・ライブ 三浦里菜 14才 中学2年生 VOICE WORKS ViVo レッスン生 ボーカルレッスンだけで...
Crystal Vine videosCrystal Vine videos
Videos that I use on my website for items that are on sale.
Dreams Come True - VineDreams Come True - Vine
I post the best vines I can find. In each video the Vine is played ten times. Obviously this isn't Vine so the Vine cannot be automatically replayed. So just hit the replay button yourself....

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