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The Swan Princess OST - 16 - EternityThe Swan Princess OST - 16 - Eternity
The Swan Princess OST - 16 - Eternity The Swan Princess is not made by Disney, it is by NEST Entertainment.
Eternity by Dreams Come True (Cover by Candice Mitra)Eternity by Dreams Come True (Cover by Candice Mitra)
Candice Mitra, 13 years old, sings "Eternity" from the movie Swan Princess on September 6, 2014 at The Center Auditorium, Granada Hills, California. "A Night of Broadway and Disney". Directed...
Eternity (Dreams come true) - FFX/FFX-2Eternity (Dreams come true) - FFX/FFX-2
My FFX/FFX-2 video I created earlier in May focusing on Tidus and Yuna. The song "Eternity" is by the Japanese group, Dreams Come True.
Dreams Come True Eternity Male VersionDreams Come True Eternity Male Version
So far this is my favorite edit.To anyone who thinks to point it out to me,I'm well aware that Dreams Come True is a band,not a single person.But since I couldn't make up my mind on whether...
A Phantom of the Opera music video to the song "Eternity." by Dreams Come True. No matter what happens Christine will always love Erik until the day that she dies. Disclaimer: THIS VIDEO...

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